Why Men Need Other Men

Males Leadership is Needed!

To reach the abortion impacted man!

Who should lead a male recovery group?

Emotional Authenticity

Because we believe in honesty and wholeness … men need other men to guide them because they need permission from the other man to cry, to feel, to express inner pain.

A man would shut down if a woman was leading the group.

Personal Responsibility

Because we value integrity and accountability … men being helped by another man will react more positively to male accountability than by that of a woman from the center.

Because outside the recovery course conversations may occur, it is ok for a man to call another man but it would be inappropriate for a man to call another woman to discuss his hurts and pain which is tied to his sexuality.

Safer to address Male Sexuality Issues

Because abortion is connected to the male sexuality and the male role to pro-create, men will find it safer to discuss with another man than with a woman, which would put both at risk of temptation.

Supportive Community

Because another man is available to the man or men in the group … we create a place for men from all walks of life to learn and teach in a safe, respectful, challenging, and inclusive peer-network.

Because a support group creates a bonding synergy between participants, the male leader is seen as a good buddy that the men can be open and honest with.

According to the Biblical Counseling Association:
Women who serve as counselors in the church are providing spiritual insight; they are teaching men biblical truths and holding them accountable to fulfill biblical mandates. They are ruling over their counselee in an authoritative manner.

In my interpretation and application of this passage, this would be a violation of Paul’s instructions to women because they have authority over their counselee and are instructing their counselee in biblical truths within the local church.

The Apostle Paul is emphasizing definite role distinctions that are timeless and are commands for all Christians to obey.

Women should not be in any position of authority in the local church that would resemble the Pastoral role of shepherding men.

Even so, in the book of Titus (Titus 2:3-5) women are encouraged to teach other women how to live a righteous lifestyle. In essence, women can assume the role of guiding (shepherding) other women in the Body of Christ under the authority of their male leadership.

Thus, one can conclude that women can serve as biblical counselors in the local church.

However their focus should be on teaching and instructing other women in matters of spiritual difficulty as it relates to living the Christian life.

As we recall the statistics of women to men ratios in most local churches, there are more women in the church therefore a woman can have a rich ministry life counseling other women.

She never has to feel unworthy or less useful because she cannot counsel men. It is just the opposite, she can find joy in the reality that God can use here mightily in the area of counseling women.

See the full article: http://biblicalcounselingcoalition.org/blogs/2012/07/17/should-women-counsel-men/

It is important for us to remember that too much time spent talking and being transparent with people of the opposite sex can lead to moral compromise.

It is a moral danger to even suggest it. Thus, men need other men to lead them in recovery.

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