Using EMAIL to Promote Your Group



EMAIL Lists are essential for direct promotion by email.

If you have a list you are steps ahead. If you do not have a mail list, then follow these steps to get set up.

Choose the system that will do the job best for you:

Constant Contact
Get Response
Tiny Letter

In my own experience, I have used all of these list providers. Today, I frankly use only because of its ease of use, ability to create HTML mobile ready pages and the fact that it is absolutely free to use for up to 5000 names on the list.

Use their provided form link to have people subscribe to your list on you website,Facebook, Twitter and other social media locations. If you need help getting such started for your local center, have the center director or pastor, that you are operating under, to call 214 703 0505. We can help setup your entire social media network and jump start a low cost solution for your men’s support group.

Build your list religiously.

Consider sending emails promoting your restoration groups with testimonies of men you have served, details of the course, etc. Include the sign up link on every email. As people sign up, as people visit your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIN page, again people can sign up. As your list grows, attendance will grow.

Email works! Especially, if you have men on that list that possibly need help.

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