Understanding Millennials

Whether you know it or not you are seeing many Millennials in your center right now. They are anyone up to the age of 34 years of age.

The Millennial is tech-savvy and you need to know why this matters. What is unique to this population group, is that they were born into technology, raised on iPads and taught using digital learning tools.

Technology is Changing Their Brains

Researchers have found that the constant use of the digital content in the way they use it has changed their brain structure and beliefs. It is also changed their behaviour, character and the way they learn.

Reach Them Where They Are

To reach them where they are, you need to use the mediums they live in:

* Instagram

* Snapchat

* Twitter

* Google Chat

* Youtube.com

The one problem with some of these tools are that they are relational tools; meaning you can’t just blast messages out to them or join their group. Insead, you have to have an invitation. You have to be one of their friends.

How can you reach these women in your community? Reach them through your churches, your colleges,your high schools and such.

Create Social Media Ambassadors

Recruit teenagers of your own staff teenagers from your home Church. Teenagers who have an interest in what you’re Center does.

Have them connect with their friends and become ambassadors. Allow them to advertise and promote your Center and your centers phone number and even your text number plus your website address.

If it’s true each one has about 3,000 friends it means Let One reach their 3000 let someone else raise their 2000 let someone else reach their 500 and the result is your name gets out into the community.

Learn how to Market to Millennials

Bottom line your Center cannot afford not to get involved indirectly influencing Millennials in your neighborhood. Get your message in front of them and watch them tell their friends about your Center. This one step could widen the footprint of your centers reach in your community.