Understanding D.I.D.



Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder that may present in your support group

My Own Experience (Ken Freeman Author of this training and Free Me To Live restoration course)

From 1988 until the early 1990s, I worked with centers sharing “Healing the Hurts of Abortion.” I never dreamed I would one day be seeing D.I.D clients in my support groups.

However, little by little, leaders from across the United States began to call asking me if the same process would work for rape, then abuse, then incest and other issues.

Thus, in 1990, I began the expansion of the workbook to be more inclusive. I commissioned a pilot study at a church in East Texas. By training various people from East Texas, I became friends with one woman who was with Calvary Commission, an outreach mission of YWAM. Getting to know her after she had attended four different training events in the region,

I learned she was from an SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) background. By writing FREE ME TO LIVE in a gender-neutral language and covering issue-neutral steps and processes, I never dreamed the impact it would have.

An ad we ran in Dallas on KLTY FM Radio, said: “Do you suffer with guilt or shame. Perhaps you have experienced an abortion, rape, abuse, incest or even satanic ritual abuse. There is now a safe house for you in East Texas. Call our number and learn more about FREE ME TO LIVE.”

Of 75 phone calls that resulted from that ad, 41 were SRA victims. Over the next three years, our safe house in Marshall Tx saw over 650 clients. 141 of those clients were SRA victims ranging in MPD or D.I.D. from 3 to as many as 80 personalities.

I was not prepared…but GOD WAS! I can say, that not knowing psychology and psychiatry, but knowing Jesus was the best thing I ever knew. I had the honor of watching an 80 personality broken person made whole through prayer, fasting and sharing Jesus with that hurting soul.

I share this page to “prepare” you for the possible clients that may or may not show up in your meetings. You must be aware so that you can better be prepared. To better grasp the nature of D.I.D., watch this short video clip. Learn from this documentary about D.I.D. formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

(* Source: Multiple Personality Disorder – Documentary Haikal Mansor)
Since publishing Free Me to Live in 1993, an increase of D.I.D. suffering clients have attended our recovery support groups.

These clients often share these common characteristics:
1. Look like regular people
2. Have the unique ability to manifest multiple personalities
3. Have a very distorted self-image
4. Likely self-abuse (cutting, starvation, isolation, sabotages relationships
5. Have few close friends

Such a client may need special support from a professional who understands and is experienced in treating D.I.D.
Remember, know who you are going to refer such patients to long before you meet your first case.

One key I have learned from our contact with D.I.D. clients, is that common to each one seems to be a particularly aggressive, hostile “death’ memory that is usually tied to the “personality” that wants to destroy or be critical or a threat to the safety of the host “personality.”

Be fully aware and able to catch their symptoms and befriend them enough to refer them to someone capable of working long-term with them. Certainly, pray for them. Intercede for them. Be a help to them as best you can.

Realize your own short-comings and inabilities.