The Male Brain vs the Female Brian


Every Generation wants to know the Difference between the Male Brain vs the Female Brain!

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It is TRUE: Every Generation wants to know the Difference between the Male Brain vs the Female Brain!

There have been numerous studies, almost 30,000 of them to be exact, that suggest subtle differences in male and female behaviour and cognitive functions, too. Men appear to be more aggressive and outperform women on mental tasks involving spatial skills such as mental rotation, whereas women tend to be more empathetic and perform better on verbal memory and language tasks. It is believed the corpus callosum, the massive bundle of nerve fibres connecting the two brain hemispheres, is proportionally larger in women than in men. This was widely reported to mean that women are better at multitasking.


Male and female brains also differ right down at the genetic level. There have been several studies that reveal that in most cases the female brains usually contain absolutely no Y chromosomes at all! However, it has been found that EVERY CELL in the male brain contains a Y chromosome. This obvious absence of the Y chromosome in the female brain has many obvious physical effects, but still, most women manage to lead normal, cognitively-unimpaired lives despite this clear deficit in the very DNA of their brains. Research into how they manage this is ongoing.


One amazing difference between male and female brains is where they are found. Male brains are found almost exclusively inside male skulls, whereas female brains are found only inside female skulls! Such an extreme bias in brain-skull association can’t possibly be due to random coincidence. The fact that male and female skulls are also different and perfectly sized to house their associated brains is even more unlikely. So much for evolution!


Another area of difference is an established size difference between male and female brains. Male brains tend to be bigger overall than female ones. This is also true for male legs, torsos and skeletons in general. Human men generally tend to be bigger than women, and this is reflected in brain size. Some argue that this means men are more intelligent than women. Though as we see women penetrating all levels of industry and medicine and science, this argument cannot be 100% true.


Male and female brains differ in the connections they form. Most notably, the male brain is generally connected to his private package by various involved systems. The female brain lacks this connection and is instead linked to her private package via a complex system of associations. The male brain-association seems to be more straightforward than the female brain one,


It is generally believed that the male brain is better able to tolerate pain than the female one. However, the female brain is able to raise tolerance to pain when engaging in the process of labor and birth. Further, when men get sick or have a pain its “serious” while the woman has to keep on going in spite of how she feels.


Observational studies have shown that the male brain is hardwired to be paid more, occupy more powerful roles and positions, and be more inclined to kill things randomly, whereas the female brain is hardwired to get more harassment and oppression, develop worrying obsessions with physical appearance and to care more about other humans and sometimes kittens.


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