Successful Leadership starts with…


Using Biblical Principles to Serve Your Male Participant!

…an obedient heart yielded to God!

1.Seek God’s WILL
2. God’s WILL reveals His WAY
3. God’s WAY according to His WILL accomplishes His WORK

True Christian reconciliation and restoration of a hurting person must accomplish His perfect will to be blessed of and empowered by God. To accomplish His WILL, these following components of restoration and reconciliation will likely be found in your life. To lead someone else, they have to be able to see what they are to become modeled in your own life.

In other words, you cannot do this work, if the motivation is anything other than being a servant of others.

1. You lead when you are needed to

We’ve all met assertive go-getters who feel the need to be in charge no matter the task at hand.

Whether it’s a group project, following an itinerary, or even just a brainstorming session, the people who lead a group of other people need to be in charge and they will make sure everyone knows it.

Always being in charge, however, doesn’t automatically translate to good leadership.

Good small group male leaders know their calling, gifting, who the healer is, and other areas of expertise–they work for the good of the man’s restoration and not themselves. They know when to stand aside and hand over the baton to the healer, JESUS CHRIST!

2. You lead for a cause, not a promotion

While it’s important to have ambition, a remarkably good leader dedicates their energies first to the cause of Jesus Christ, then to the team, the center you serve alongside and lastly to him, the client.

Leadership often comes with power, but that’s not its defining characteristic.

If you take on a project hoping to reap only self-benefit, it will show in its outcome and be reflected on the morale of your team. Remember, to be great in God’s Kingdom, you must be a servant of all.

3. You are a good listener

Remarkably good leaders don’t want to rule their team or their client. Instead, they want to work together.

This means they are open to listening to new ideas or projects and are not afraid of seeking advice and learning from others.

Most importantly, remarkably good leaders also listen to criticism and don’t become defensive or upset when a team member or client voices a concern or points out an inconsistency or mistake.

4. You inspire others to change

Remarkably good leaders know the difference between dictating and leading.

Dictating involves scaring team members into getting results. Leading involves inspiring people to give the best they have to achieve said results.

Remarkably good leaders inspire their team members to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

They build solid foundations, and are not afraid of sharing knowledge. If you are always searching for ways to make the people around you grow, they will be inspired to do so and their work will reflect how proud they are to be part of your recovery group.

In this chapter, learn these powerful principles to help you be a remarkable leader:

1.Has God Called You? Find out if this is really where you belong.

2. Have you been Gifted? Self-examination will help you see and confirm that you are called.

3. Learn the Lessons of Nehemiah Critical first steps! don’t miss any of these nine key steps

4. Be Empowered by The Holy Spirit! Essential for effective restoration leadership

5. Receive The Holy Spirit to be Empowered & Emboldened!

6. Seek the gift of Discernment You are going to need it.

Set Healthy Boundaries to Keep yourself safe Learn this lesson or be consumed by your clients.

Do’s & Don’ts inside a Restoration Course for men These are for the good of you and your client.

Do Not Be a Rescuer! Understand who the healer is and whose you are!

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