Receive the Holy Spirit


Have you received the HOLY SPIRIT?

As you consider your role as a recovery leader, you need the EMPOWERING comforting and guidance and instruction of the HOLY SPIRIT to have the power to live out your CALLING & GIFTING TO AFFECT OTHERS!

In the world of Christianity, there has long been too much confusion about the HOLY SPIRIT! Thus, I share a very balanced, informative teaching.

WHY? I want you as a leader to become the most effervescent, shining human your clients will ever get to know.

That because of the ever-flowing outpowering of God’s precious HOLY SPIRIT, you might touch ‘every’ person you serve with truth about hope.

What does effervescent mean?

(of a liquid) Giving off bubbles; fizzy.
(of a person or their behavior) Vivacious and enthusiastic.
fizzy – sparkling – bubbly


(* Source: Jesus Culture Kim Walker “Holy Spirit”)

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