Rebuilding Confidence



Learning how to rebuild and maintain confidence is essential to having a fulfilled life.
There will always be things that come along and make you question if you are good enough.

When that happens to you, using this acrostic: SELF LESS NESS will get you back in touch with confidence enhancing steps.

S - Inner Strength

The power within, is what you can call upon when the chips are down and you are considering cashing in. Using your inner resources to pull yourself up by your bootstraps will give you the sense that you can deal with anything life throws at you.

E - Empowerment

The ability to know that you know whose you are in Christ Jesus, keeps you solid in your choices and decisions. Your thoughts can change with the wind, but your Comforter, Teacher, Guide, the HOLY SPIRIT is unshakable.

L - Love of God

The Love of God may be one of the most underutilized sources of confidence. We can be harder on ourselves than on any other person. Consciously give yourself a break! Stop self-denigration by taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ Jesus.Save your your energy for the really important parts of life.

F - Fulfillment

Fulfillness is a misunderstood quality. It isn’t about not having any more room for additional emotions, but rather it’s about being willing to embrace God’s Forgiveness and righteous living that brings about wellbeing and peace.

L = Letting go

Letting go of everything not of God in your life.

E - Energy

Energy in the form of positive feelings and deeds, feeds our minds and hearts. When you don’t have energy, you can’t feel confident or anything else, and the best way to get energy is to do something physical like exercise.

S - Selflessness

Selflessness is that quality of putting others before yourself, is a great way to build your confidence. It contributes to those who need you, at the same time giving you a boost. If you do nothing else today, help someone who needs it and then see how you feel.

S - Salvation

Salvation that is yours through Christ Jesus. Doubt in your salvation works directly against your confidence. Believe that God loves you and will never leave you! Focus on this truth and you will feel more confident.

N - Never leave you

God will never leave you is a promise direct from YWHW! God the Father, the Great IAM THAT IAM has said, “I will never leave you or forsake you!” this promise will boost anyone’s confidence!

E - Emotions

In other words your feelings, will lead you astray. If Faith is the engine of your life, let your emotions be the caboose.

S - Satisfaction

Satisfaction is the ability to be satisfied in every circumstance because of whose you are, will influence the world in a positive way, can be incredibly empowering. Leaving the planet a tiny bit better than you found it can bring meaning to anyone’s life. As you do something good for the rest of the people on the earth, it helps boost your confidence!

S - Significance

Significance is the quality of being worthy of attention; importance. synonyms: importance, import, consequence, seriousness, gravity, weight, magnitude, momentousness; formal moment “a matter of considerable significance”, that inner cheerleader called the HOLY SPIRIT, is what propels you to the next level in life giving a higher calling to more righteous living. The Word that promises you hope and a future helps you have a positive impact on those around you is a great way to motivate to higher confidence. It is also very life enhancing.

The key to understanding the role of this acrostic in a man’s life is to focus on what is means to be self-less.

The world comes along and says build up, achieve, lift up, affirm YOUR SELF to build up your SELF-ESTEEM! God’s way is just opposite. Focus on SELF-LESS-NESS and watch as you serve others. Your confidence grows!
Why, to be great in God’s kingdom, is to be a servant to all.

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