Race Matters

Who counsels him matters!

In today's racial divide, consider the racial issues facing men!

When you choose a male leader, race matters!

Every center serves a different demographic audience. A center in Alabama or Mississippi many have a a majority African Americans vs a big city like Dallas, TX where your audience demographic will span multi-races: white, black, asian, indian, muslim, arab etc. Thus, it is important when choosing who will be your male restoration leader to carefully match the race you serve most.

Due to the highly charged tension of blacks and latinos against whites in our culture today, it only makes sense that if you choose a white male to serve mainly black men, you are likely going to see tensions that hinder restoration. If you serve predominantly the black community, then it is best to choose a black male to lead the black men in restoration work. Certainly, the reverse is true in that if you serve a white audience, then a white man should lead the restoration course.

Being sensitive to the racial divide America is facing right now, suggests as we choose our male leader, that we think ahead of him and choose the appropriate race when choosing a leader.

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