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Chapter 1

About Your Leadership Role
Successful Leadership starts with…
Has God Called You?
Five Keys for Validating Your Calling
Have you been Gifted?
Be Empowered by The Holy Spirit
Receive The Holy Spirit!
Seek the gift of Discernment
Learn the Lessons of Nehemiah
Set Healthy Boundaries to Keep yourself safe
Do’s & Don’ts inside a Restoration Course for men
Do Not Be a Rescuer!

Chapter 2:

Understanding the Male Client
Big Boys Don’t Cry
The male brain vs the female brain
Common Symptoms Expressed by a Man
Abortion in the mind of a Man
Impact of Abortion on Men
How abortion violates a man’s core responsibilities
Why Men Need other Men
Men look up to other men
Men need another man to give him permission to cry

Chapter 3

Where & How & WHO Matters
Where you address men’s recovery matters
How you address men’s restoration really matters
Who Leads the Course Matters

Chapter 4

Core issues dealing with a man
His sexuality
His God-given responsibilities
His role in the abortion decision
Taking ownership of his responsibilities

Chapter 5

Inside The Restoration Group
Class Forms and Handouts
Scheduling Your Restoration Group
Understand Life-Dominating Problem
Beware the Narcissitic Client
Understanding D.I.D. Clients
Clean Out the Closet for Best Results
Building up with Biblical Affirmations

Chapter 6

The Role of the Bible In a Man’s Recovery
Do not Neglect Prayer!
Healing Scriptures for Physical Healing
Healing Scriptures for Emotional/Mental Healing
Healing Scriptures for Spiritual Healing
4 Keys to restoring a Clean Heart
Eight Keys for Overcoming Spiritual Attacks
Nothing but the Blood of Jesus
The Importance of Forgiveness
Renouncing Hidden things of Shame
Grieving His loss
Rebuilding Trust
Rebuilding Confidence

Chapter 7

Promoting your Men’s Recovery
Use Connecting Word with the Media
Using a Men’s website
Using Email to Promote Your Group
Power of the Press Release
Expand with Op-Ed Articles
Using Printed Handouts
Using Surveys
Using Men’s Restoration to impact your community

Chapter 8

Resources for Men’s Restoration
Recovery Courses for Men
Helpful Websites
Hotlines for Men

Chapter 9

Benefit of offering Men’s Restoration
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