Owning His Own Responsibilities


Men think abortion is a women's issue!

It is important for a man to take ownership of his own responsibilities.

It is important that a man that has been hurt step up to take ownership of his own responsibilities

If a man has caused a pregnancy that ended in abortion, and if he pressured her to have an abortion, then he must take ownership of that abortion.

When a man, fearing losing his mate, passively agrees with her (whatever she wants to do) he has abrogated his responsibility of leadership in the relationship as “PROTECTOR” and thus must take ownership of his failure to protect his mate from making a hurtful, damaging decision.

As a participant in an abortion, the man has abrogated his responsibility as a “PROCREATOR” and thus must repent and take back the ownership of his responsibility of being a procreator with God.

Should the man be one that walked away from his girlfriend, mate or wife because of the pregnancy, then he has abrogated his responsibility as “PROVIDER” for his mate. Therefore he must repent of his failure to provide and take back ownership of the responsibility of being a provider to his mate.

In other words, in one or more ways, the typical man has failed to live up to his God-given role and responsibilities to provide, protect and procreate. Therefore one of the goals of his restoration is to repent and turn from his wicked choice and take hold of the responsibility God has provided for him to have. He needs to claim ownership of his life purposes.

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