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How Can I help Men Recover from past involvement with an abortion, rape or abuse?

For most of the past 30 years, pregnancy center have been involved in after abortion recovery which is great. They have served women systematically.

The first two models of recovery written around 1987, have evolved into an amazing number spanning over 85 or more titles.

Yet, today, I find still the missing victim is the male participant. I know, I am such a male. In 1984, God divinely reached me when I thought I was “OK.”

I had my new house, two new cars, a boat, was a member of the sailing club at the lake, was an important employee at G.E. Genigraphics div. and felt I was “OK.”

However, my Lord had another idea. He used Bernard N. Nathanson’s “SILENT SCREAM” to hit me over the head with his eternal two-by-bour bringing me to my own knees in repentance over what I had told a girl friend when I was only 18.

I thank God He saw me in my miry clay pit wallowing in sin and pulled me out when I was going under for the third time.

My only regret of these past thrity-four years, that only 1500 men have been healed compared to the 8000 women who have been healed.

When I speak with center directors, i hear that only a handful are knowledgeable about the need for men’s recovery. The majority rarely have thought about it.

This course is my dedicated effort to change that dynamic. I pray that this course will spurn more center’s in the United States and Canada to begin preparing for serving men in recovery.

Step one:

Pray a prayer like this:

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray in the precious name of YOUR SON, JESUS CHRIST, empower me even now by YOUR HOLY SPIRIT that I can receive and embrace the information I am going to learn in this course.

Open my eyes and my ears that I might learn from and be better at my job in the local center with a new awareness and desire to see men restored to true fatherhood and manhood.

Help me to lay down any bias or blame I hold toward men, that I can become a true help in their time of need. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen.

Step Two:

Use the Download Repository to discover all available PDF files as helpful resources.

At the end of the course, I will provide a list of helpful Men focused ministries that you should become better aware of.

Step Three:

Bookmark this site so that you can easily return to it.

On the bottom of each page you will see a link to the ‘next’ page. You can also use the right sidebar listings of content to click on any link to move to that page.

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