The other victim of abortion's aftermath!

Frequently Asked Questions About Men

Why do men avoid recovery?
Men are afraid to admit failure. Going to recovery makes one feel as though he has failed. He fears rejection. God designed men to be providers & conquerors and protectors. To admit he did not provide for his mate, did not protect her, he thus has an innate fear of rejection and failure.
Why do men rarely cry?
From the time men were young boys, the culture around them said: “Big boys don’t cry!” Then, in high school, their coach said to the one who just got hit and is out of breath: “Buck up go run it off!” To the principal about to paddle a male boy, he says “Be a man. Take this like a man.” In other words, expressions of pain or feeling are not allowed in the male psyche.
Why do men abandon their girlfriends forcing them into abortion?
Sadly, young men are too afraid of the responsibility. This is true of older males too. Pregnancy means tying him down or burying him with debt. Either way, it is not something he is comfortable or knowledgeable wit
What causes men to be so angry?
Men throughout their life have been allowed to only to express one emotion: anger or rage. Thus, when a man has been part of an abortion he can and often does become an angry man. This is especially true if he wanted the child and she had the abortion anyway!
How will this course help me help men?
First, it will ground you in the fundamental understanding of how a man thinks. Next, it will help you see how a man must be approached which is so different from how a woman is approached in recovery.
How much does it take to access this course?
Our low per seat cost begins at $49.95 and discounts $5 for each person extra that take the training as part of your group. If you have a group of four or more people (*Our most popular plan) you can pay as low as $34.95 per seat for only five students and monthly subscribers get unlimited access the all courses for as many as may need training.