Core Issues


Issues common to men!

What are the CORE ISSUES that a man is going to have to address in restoration?

As a man comes to a restoration Bible Study, he is going to face several core issues that will have be dealt within the course.

The Issues to be addressed in the restoration class

a. Facing his Fears – fear of being found out, fear of exposing his hidden things of shame, fear of failure.

b. Taking responsibility for his part in abortion if he caused an abortion, pressured her for abortion etc.

c. Accepting Jesus if he is not yet a believer.
d. Forgiving others

e. Accepting the Forgiveness of Jesus

f. Overcoming habitual sexual sin

g. Casting down Idols

h. Memorizing Scripture For men, I recommend the 3M process. Memorize 3 key verses per precept studied.
i. Renouncing hidden things of shame

g. Grieving his losses

Denial Busting Exercises to use

My LifeLine
My Sad Face
My Offenders
My Yokes of Iron
My Idols
My Hidden things of shame
My Broken Heart
My Memorial
3M Memory work print master

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