The other victim of abortion's aftermath!

Learn More about this Training Course for Men

Inside the training course, discover the powerful steps you can take to better serve men in recovery.

Here’s what you are going to get inside BASICS OF SERVING MEN OF ABORTION!

1. Understanding the problem

Big Boys Don’t Cry
The male brain vs the female brain
Abortion in the mind of a Man
How abortion violates a man’s core responsibilities

2. Why Men Need other Men

Who should lead a Men’s Restoration Group
Men look up to other men
Women can’t lead Men in Restoration
Men need another man to give him permission to cry

3. The Environment Matters

Where you address men’s Restoration matters
Men’s preferred meeting place

4. Core issues dealing with a man

His sexuality
His God-given responsibilities
His role in the abortion decision
Taking ownership of his responsibilities

5. The Role of the Bible In a Man’s Restoration

Key Scriptures for Healing a Man’s Wounded Heart
Healing Scriptures for Physical Healing
Healing Scriptures for Emotional Healing
Healing Scriptures for Spiritual Healing
The Importance of Forgiveness
Renouncing Hidden things of Shame
Grieving His loss

6. Tools for your Men’s Recovery

Online course with male mentor support
Online Survey for Men
Download a Men’s Restoration Outline
Download tools (Pdf format) for Denial Breakthrus

7. Promoting your Men’s Restoration

Using your client website
Using Email
Using Printed Handouts
Using Surveys
Using Men’s Restoration to impact your community

8. Resources for Men’s Restoration

Recovery Courses for Men
Helpful Men focused Websites

9. Benefit of offering Men’s Restoration

10. End of Course Quiz

Final Quiz
How to contact Ken Freeman for further help