Abortion in the mind of a Man

Abortion and Men!

What in the world is he thinking!

What Causes a Man to Want an Abortion vs Fatherhood?

What goes on in the mind of a Man?

Most women want to know how their partner feels. You may think it’s better to support whatever she wants, or you may not want to influence her too much.

But, it’s important to tell her how you feel, knowing that ultimately she has to follow her own feelings.

She does want to hear that you are concerned about her and that you care.

Simply put: It’s because he doesn’t want his life to be over, in a strange way it’s the woman who holds the key to how his own future will turn out.

Since he does not have a choice in the legal decision of what happens to a baby he has been part of fathering, it is his choice to stay or leave.

When a woman is not ready to be pregnant and chooses abortion it is called pro choice. If a man is not ready he is called a little boy and told to man up.

When his mate says she wants an abortion he thinks if I agree with her then I will still have her. Other women want to have the baby but he does not.

Thus he erupts with anger, shame-manipulation or guilt association to coerce her to have the abortion or end the relationship. Women tend to think more emotionally, men tend to think more logically.

i’ve heard somewhere that women become mothers when they become pregnant, and men become fathers when they meet the baby.

He does not feel the attachment that you do and so he will likely not be able to understand where you are coming from.

He may also feel like his reasons for abortion are better than your feelings, which is his opinion.

Men are different in their approach to abortion.
There are those:

  • who are adamantly opposed to the procedure.
  • who are opposed but have not gone to extremes to prevent it.
  • who first support the abortion decision and then change their minds, but their partners proceed with the abortion
  • who appear to be neutral on the issue.
  • Whatever the woman chooses they will support. Some men are actually opposed but society has urged them to be supportive of her decision.

    Other men find the abortion decision to serve them well at this point in their life.

  • who simply abandon the woman in the face of pregnancy.
  • who force the abortion decision or threaten to withdraw support if abortion is not chosen.
  • who are not told about the abortion until after it occurred.
  • who are never certain an abortion has occurred, but who, upon hearing the aftermath of abortion in women described, recognize the symptoms in a former partner.
  • who marry women who have had an abortion experience with someone else.
  • who are other than a sexual partner
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