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Women leading other women through Biblical Recovery


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About This Training that helped start the After Abortion Recovery Movement in the 1980s!

This is the same course used to train over 2,500 pregnancy centers between the years 1988-1998


It was January 22, 1987, when Last Harvest-The Outreach’s president appeared on the PTL Television (Jim Bakker Show), over 18,000 individuals requested our audio tape called Overcoming Abortion’s Aftermath.

This audio tape had been recorded in 1985. This television show led to over 6,000 phone calls in the next few months which led to the writing and publishing of “Healing the Hurts of Abortion.” After the first round of the original pilot study ten-week support group serving 18 individuals, the need for training of small group facilitators was birthed. Our very first training event occurred in October of 1988.

From that date, until now, more than 36, 000 facilitators, recovery clients and directors have been trained online and through over one-hundred (100) regional training seminars conducted in over twenty-one (21) states over a ten year period and the 500 local support groups that followed.

In 1990 the course underwent an expansion to meet the growing needs of the hurting community. An expanded version of the curriculum was commissioned with a pilot group at a church in Longview, Texas. 1993 saw the release of our new gender-neutral, issue-neutral workbook model called FREE ME TO LIVE. This workbook has to date been through over twelve editions of expansion and amplification as the needs of the whole person became clearer.

This training has evolved over the past few decades as we learned more working with over 38,000 individuals both in our own support groups and those of our trained centers and church-based support groups. BASICS OF EFFECTIVE RECOVERY LEADERSHIP is not focused on any specific curriculum. Instead, it is designed to prepare the leader of a small group in her role and responsibilities as a small group leader.


Women wanting to be grounded in the fundamentals of effective small group leadership.

Women who know they are healed of their own life-dominating issues such as abortion, rape, incest or abuse(s) and want to help others.


* 10 Chapters (72 pages) of critical knowledge and experience gained over the past 34 years of serving the hurting.
* Printable and shareable pages
* Feedback quiz per chapter
* Recognition for completing the training


This course is available right here, right now! Instantly, on-demand, online, when you want it and of course, completed at your own pace.
About This Training