Support Our Missions

1. To equip the local center by providing low-cost, on-demand training as-needed in the area of after abortion recovery leadership.
2. To prepare future leaders with the strong Biblical grounding in their own calling and gifting so that they can be better leaders.
3. To provide downloadable resources designed to compliment and augment other third-party recovery model workbooks or courses.
4. To help you become a well-equipped person able to confidently “set the captives free!”

How can you support these missions?

1. Share this training with your friends and fellow staff members of both your own center and any other centers you associate with.
2. Share this training to your social media destinations.
3. Fund one or more taking this class so that we can offer this course free of charge to those with the desire but unable to afford the course.
4. Make a generous donation of your time and effort to critiquing and feeding back how this course and other courses we provide could be made stronger.
5. Undergird this training so that additional training can be provided as needed.